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So What?! USGA banned the Green Book Uswing Mojing will keep you at upper hand coming to the Green.

Brings it on the world's first golf professional designed sunglasses Uswing Mojing into the field of view of more players, becoming the "15th club" in their golf bag. Now, players will have to focus on honing the putter again.

This is where the Uswing Mojing comes into play. It not in conflict with the ban, but its introduction is a tribute to golf traditions such as the artistry of the putter. As demonstrated by famous players such as Mickelson and CT Pan, the Uswing Mojing is a Golf Sunglasses that one can wear all the time. With the help of the Uswing, players are not afraid of the interference of ultraviolet rays, glare, and other factors; more importantly, after wearing the Uswing, the eyes are more integrated with the surrounding environment of the green. The data collected by the eyes is more natural, and the players more accurate reading of green slopes and lines, more confidence in putting, and visible reductions in scores.