Pro Golf Phenom Rose Zhang Partners with Uswing, Pioneers of Innovative Golf Sunglasses, to Launch Limited-Edition Rose Gold Glasses

Aug 17, 2023

Pro Golf Phenom Rose Zhang Partners with Uswing, Pioneers of Innovative Golf Sunglasses, to Launch Limited-Edition Rose Gold Glasses

The LPGA Rookie, NCAA Champion & Augusta National Women’s Amateur Winner Adds Eyewear Technology to Her Impressive Array of Sponsors.

New York, NY, August 16, 2023 --( Rose Zhang, the hottest name in women’s professional golf and a rising star in the sports world, has announced a partnership marketing agreement with Uswing (, the leading innovator in sport-related eyewear. Under this collaboration, Rose Zhang will become the official brand ambassador for Uswing, promoting their cutting-edge glasses designed to revolutionize the game. She will also launch a limited edition line of signature sunglasses in Rose Gold, of which 30% of the revenue generated will go towards the Pacific Academy Foundation.

Uswing, founded by visionary entrepreneur Warren Fong, emerged from his personal quest to find the perfect golf sunglasses. Frustrated by the lack of options available on the market, Fong set out on a mission to develop glasses that addressed the specific visual challenges faced by golfers, such as parallaxes and accurate perception of green patterns and slopes.

With a team of experts from optics, optometry, physics, chemistry, and ergonomics, Fong dedicated nearly a decade to research and development, ultimately crafting the world's first professional golf sunglasses. Uswing's innovative eyewear not only protects golfers' eyes from the blazing sunlight but also enhances their performance on the course.

Rose Zhang's partnership with Uswing signifies a union of two forces committed to excellence and innovation in their respective fields. As the reigning NCAA champion, Augusta Women’s Amateur champion and the first golfer to win her first debut professional event in 72 years, Zhang's talent, determination, and dedication to the sport perfectly align with Uswing's mission.

Zhang, known for her exceptional skills and relentless pursuit of perfection, expressed her excitement about the partnership, stating, "Joining forces with Uswing is a thrilling opportunity for me. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and design in golf eyewear resonates with my own pursuit of excellence on the course. I am honored to be part of the Uswing family and look forward to showcasing their game-changing glasses on and off the course."

As the face of Uswing, Rose Zhang will launch her own line of signature sunglasses, including a limited-edition Rose Gold version that retails for $699 USD. A portion of each purchase will benefit the Irvine, California-based Pacific Academy Foundation, which was established to help committed and talented students develop their abilities and academic skills.

Zhang will also be featured prominently in marketing campaigns, endorsing the brand's sunglasses and highlighting their advanced features. Her partnership with Uswing reinforces the company's dedication to partnering with world-class athletes who exemplify skill, passion, and a drive for innovation.

Warren Fong, founder of Uswing, shared his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome Rose Zhang to the Uswing team. Her exceptional talent, unwavering dedication, and global influence make her the ideal ambassador for our brand. Together, we will continue to redefine what golf sunglasses can offer, empowering golfers worldwide to achieve their best."

The partnership between Rose Zhang and Uswing signals an exciting chapter for both the golfer and the eyewear company. As they combine their expertise and passion, they aim to elevate the game of golf and inspire athletes to reach new heights. With Zhang as their brand ambassador, Uswing is set to revolutionize the way golfers see and experience the sport.

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About Uswing:
Uswing is a leading golf accessory company based in China, specializing in the development of professional golf sunglasses. Founded by Warren Fong, Uswing has dedicated years of research and development to create eyewear that enhances golfers' visual performance on the course. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and collaborating with industry experts, Uswing is revolutionizing the way golfers protect their eyes and excel in the game.


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