Pan Zhengcong prepares for the Tokyo Olympics and strives for medals

Jul 20, 2021

Pan Zhengcong hopes that he can bring Taiwan's first Olympic medal in golf.

Following the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil, Pan Zhengcong will once again put on the Chinese team jersey and go to the Tokyo Olympics. (Photo: R&A via Getty Images)

Pan Zhengcong remembers clearly that at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics five years ago, when he heard his name ringing on the teeing table of the first hole, he was nervous and his stomach began to fall apart.

He will arrive in Tokyo next week to participate in the men's Olympic golf tournament. He hopes to use his experience and ability to win a historic medal for Taiwan.

"I feel very honored and very excited. Being selected for the Olympic Games has always been my goal throughout the year. This time, I hope to end with a better result and win a medal. Everyone will want the same thing. This will It's very difficult. We will have a good time and will work hard for the medals." Pan Zhengcong said.

Five years ago, as a rookie professional player, Pan Zhengcong came to Rio through the success of the Mackenzie Tour-Canada Tour and the Korn Ferry Tour, both of which were played by the PGA Tour. Operational development-level circuit. When Justin Rose, Henryk Stanson and Metcuta won gold, silver and bronze medals respectively, Pan Zhengcong won a commendable tie for 30th place. That year, golf successfully returned to the Olympics after a 112-year hiatus.

The 29-year-old Pan Zhengcong believes that he is now a very different golf player from five years ago. This is mainly due to his first PGA Tour victory at the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament in 2019 and his representative international team in the Presidents Cup. His debut is commendable, and he also entered the top ten of the four majors for the first time at the American Masters in November last year.

"This (Rio) is a very good experience, because I come from the Korn Ferry Tour and the Mackenzie Tour and have no experience. Compared with then, I am more prepared today." Pan Zhengcong said, he He was once the number one amateur player in the world.

"I like the whole experience of participating in the Olympics for the first time. I like the moment of reciting the player's name before the kick-off. It was really cool, although it also made me feel very nervous at the kick-off. I played with Ricky in the final round. (Faller) Play together, there are some other top players. This is such a big stage."

"I think this is all a matter of experience. Of course Pan Zhengcong has more experience in 2021. Now I have participated in many four major tournaments and the Presidents Cup. Compared with 2016-I just graduated from the Korn Ferry International Tour. , I don’t have any experience in major events. I think this time, I will be more prepared and able to play my best level. I hope this can translate into better results. I often compete with the best golfers in the world , I think I have a chance."

In the history of the Olympics, Taiwan has won five gold medals in weightlifting and taekwondo, as well as medals in athletics, archery, billiards and baseball.

Pan Zhengcong naturally hopes that he can bring Taiwan's first golf medal. The competition will be held at Xiaguan Country Club from July 29 to August 1. In the women's competition scheduled to be held from August 4th to 7th, Xu Weiling and Li Min will represent Taiwan.

"Baseball is our national sport and the biggest sport in our hometown. Our baseball team has won a silver medal, which is a big event. I also hope that our compatriots can see the same situation happen in golf." He said. "The people in my hometown have been fighting against the COVID-19 virus recently. I hope we can bring some good news to cheer them up and bring them positive energy."

"For the people in my hometown, (winning a medal) means the whole world. The Olympics is the largest sporting event in the world. Winning a medal will also be a big event for my family. Personally , If you can achieve it, it will be a great milestone. Since golf returns to the Olympics, this has been my goal."

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